School Trips to Berlin

Berlin is a flourishing cosmopolitan city with so much to see and do for a school trip, whether your focus is art, history, psychology, business or language. 

The city boasts some of the most impressive monuments you are likely to see in Western Europe, most with an incredible story behind them: the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall included. Visually the streets are decked with art and sculpture in many forms, which means there’s no such thing as a dull walk around the city centre. 

There are also scores of museums that feature all kinds of captivating exhibits and events. School trips to Berlin are jam-packed with chances to learn and have fun, perfect for classes of any age or interest.

We pride ourselves on designing Berlin school trips that ensure young people get the absolute most out of their visit and that make life easier for teachers – before, during and after the trip. Have a look at some of our most popular options below…

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Berlin German Language School Trips & Tours

Where better place to learn and improve a class’ German language skills than the cosmopolitan capital city of Berlin? Find out more…

Berlin History School Trips & Tours

There is so much to learn about Berlin's evolution throughout the 20th century, from the Third Reich up to the end of the Cold War and into the present day.

Berlin Holocaust History School Trips & Tours

Our experienced guides walk schools through the events of the Holocaust and really help to put those terrible events into context for every pupil.

Berlin Art & Design School Trips & Tours

From world class museums and galleries to the Berlin Wall and neighbourhoods decked with street art, few cities can compare to Berlin’s vibrant art and design scene.

Berlin Cultural School Trips & Tours

A cultural school trip to Berlin covers all aspects of culture, politics, media and science, giving students a well-rounded experience of a wonderful cosmopolitan city.

Berlin Religious Studies School Trips & Tours

A religious studies school trip to Berlin offers a unique insight into Jewish culture and persecution during the Second World War.

Berlin Science School Trips & Tours

Known as Europe’s ‘Capital of Science’, Berlin has one of the most developed scientific research networks on the planet.

Berlin Media & Film Studies School Trips & Tours

Berlin’s affluent creative and media sector makes it an ideal destination for a media and film studies school trip.

Berlin Business Studies School Trips & Tours

The city of Berlin is a large factor when determining Germany as a major European and global economic power. Where better place to gain an insight into the world of business and industry?

Berlin German Christmas Markets School Trips & Tours

Berlin is the perfect choice for groups who want to combine a traditional market experience with a visit to one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

Berlin Transition Year School Trips & Tours

Berlin is one of Europe’s most historic cities and has evolved to become vibrant and cosmopolitan with educational and cultural visits.