Classics school trips & tours

Our range of itinerary packages have been tried and tested by hundreds of Classics & Ancient History school groups. Many of these itinerary packages contain everything you’ll need for a complete tour, including your guide and visit options, so our prices are realistic with no hidden costs. Your itinerary can be built from scratch - simply choose your dates, select your preferred visits and we’ll do the rest. 

With our guided and courier options you’ll get in depth destination knowledge as well as practical support. They will enable you to get more benefit from your time outside the classroom and you’ll have the opportunity for one-to-one teaching also. At key historical sites, an additional local guide is usually available to deliver enhanced classical background to each visit.

Educational resources for your school classics trip 

We provide the resources needed and the support necessary to make your tour the most memorable and fun learning experience it can be. For a study visit that delivers the curriculum, our Educational Resource Packs developed by our classics advisor, Gill Greef, are ideal for use before, during and after your tour. They focus on the classical relevance of key sites and also act as a pre-visit planning aid to make tour preparation easier for you.

Learn more about our classics school trip destinations

Rome & Bay of Naples Classics & Ancient History Trips & Tours

Pupils taking this two-centre package gain a valuable insight into life in both Rome and the outlying regions that supplied the city. As these regions are only a few hours apart, Rome and the Bay of Naples has become our most popular package destination for classics school trip groups studying Roman life.

Rome Classics & Ancient History Trips & Tours

Only by visiting Rome can you really understand both the splendour and decadence of the city in Roman times. Our single-centre Rome itineraries are tailor-made and will evoke images of spectacular triumphs, gladiatorial combat and passionate senatorial debate.

Bay of Naples Classics & Ancient History Trips & Tours

Our tailor-made Bay of Naples itineraries provide pupils with a real insight into life in Roman times.

Sicily Classics & Ancient History Trips & Tours

Our tailor-made itineraries to Sicily, supported by an accompanying courier, will allow pupils to compare the lifestyles and architectural styles.

Greece Classics & Ancient History School Trips & Tours

Our tailored single and multi-centre packages inclulde historical sites that evoke visions of the debates and addresses that formed democracy and provided a template for modern civilisation.