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Our range of school tour guides

Our guided study tours are hugely popular and offer a multitude of benefits to groups, from incomparable destination knowledge to allowing you the time and opportunity for one-to-one teaching. 

We offer a range of school trip guides who can be of assistance at the various stages of your tour, so whether you’d rather have a guide to help you get more out of specific visits, or if you’d like to be accompanied from the moment you leave Ireland to arriving back home again, we have a variety of options to suit you. 

Local Guides

Our local guides are the ideal option for groups that would prefer to be guided around specific sites. With excellent local and cultural knowledge, your guide will provide useful information at each site showcasing many hidden gems and sharing lesser-known facts – adding a depth of local knowledge to key visits on your school tour. 

Tour Escorts

If you’d like to be accompanied throughout your study tour, then our Tour Escort option would be the best choice for you. 

Your English-speaking escort will assist you on all aspects of your school trip, provide local knowledge and information about the culture, history and way of life and give general support as and when you need it. They’ll lead your group enabling you to deliver individual learning for the entire time you’re away.

Mountain Guides

Qualified to take groups on tours in mountainous regions, Mountain Guides provide reassurance that you’re in safe hands. With their practical skills, knowledge of the landscape and the places you’ll see, our school tour Mountain Guides have a great deal to offer groups with a sense of adventure and curiosity. 

Specialist Guides

Specialist Guides are experts in assisting groups with orientation and specific programme delivery. With unrivalled knowledge of our visit options and detailed knowledge of the associated study areas, your guide will prove to be invaluable in bringing your destination to life. 

They’ll lead your group and support you in delivering the perfect study tour so that you can focus more on providing individual support for your students.

Educationalist Guides

NST’s Educationalist Guides offer both local knowledge and educational support to set the scene for your students – helping them to get the most from their time outside of the classroom.  

As former teachers with curriculum-relevant local knowledge that comes only with knowing the area well, our guides get involved from the word go to help create a made-to-measure itinerary – from your visits to your logistics. 

We have experts available in Geography, History, Psychology and Religious Studies with an interest in the subject specialisms covered in many of our destinations. 

Visit our Educationalist Guides page for more information.