Overseas School Trips

Our bespoke range of overseas school trips are the perfect compliment to any curriculum and allow classes to gain  fresh cultural insights and experiences abroad. 

We rely on over 20 years’ of experience to carefully curate school trips overseas that meet the needs of teachers and exceed the expectations of students. Our expert guides love nothing more than bringing subjects to life outside the classroom and providing young people with a remarkable learning experience that they will remember for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about art and design in Paris, business in Berlin or theatre in New York, we have a huge selection of trips on offer that can be shaped to suit your individual needs.

Get in touch today to find out more about how NST can help to tailor your perfect visit.

Learn more about our overseas school trips

School Trips to Paris

Paris’ reputation as a global centre of culture is much deserved, and a school trip to Paris is a fantastic option for a number of reasons.

School Trips to Northern France

Northern France is a fantastic school trip destination for a number of reasons. Here, beautiful countryside meets medieval villages, poignant wartime memorials and wonderful food.

School Trips to the WWI Battlefields

Our WWI Battlefield tours programme covers the events of WWI in considerable historical detail, particularly in the Ypres Salient and Somme regions.

School Trips to Barcelona

As the historic centre and capital of Catalonia in Northern Spain, Barcelona has an inimitable feel that no other Spanish city can match.

School Trips to Berlin

We pride ourselves on designing Berlin school trips that ensure young people get the absolute most out of their visit and that make life easier for teachers

School Trips to New York

You can guarantee that a New York school trip will be an unforgettable and incredibly valuable experience for any school.

School Trips to Iceland

School trips to Iceland offer a wonderfully unique experience for students that often goes overlooked.

School Trips to Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples is an awe-inspiring destination for school groups of all ages. Steeped in history, the region is also one of Italy’s most spectacular and home to picturesque ancient villas and the country’s largest vintage clothes market.

School Trips to the Rhine & Moselle

The wonderfully diverse setting of the Rhine & Moselle is home to beautiful valleys, ancient castle and Gothic churches – the perfect location for students to develop their German language skills.