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Transition Year School Trips 

For over 20 years we’ve helped Transition Year Coordinators plan the perfect, hassle free experience for their pupils and we understand the changing needs of each group.

Focussing on the pupil experience, our destination range will allow your pupils to gain fresh cultural insights and experiences abroad. NST can help you every step of the way in organising a comprehensive itinerary that is educational yet fun and fulfilling for pupils travelling abroad during their transition year. 

Transition year trips are a unique opportunity to inspire curiosity and create stronger relationships among teenage groups beyond the four walls of their usual classroom. These trips build interpersonal skills by encouraging young people to step outside of their comfort zone, meet interesting people, try new things and understand more about the world we live in. The connections made on residential trips – whether personal relationships or cultural understanding – often last for far longer than the actual time spent away. 

Whether you’re looking to learn more about art and design in Paris, business in Berlin or theatre in New York, we have a huge selection of trips for your transition year pupils on offer that can be shaped to suit your individual needs. Get in touch today to find out how we could help you. 

Learn more about our transition year school trip destinations


Transition year trips to China

A Transition Year trip to China will be the experience of a lifetime for many pupils. As many aspects of Chinese life are so different from that in the UK and Ireland, a tour here will help to give pupils an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles.

Transition year trips to Paris

With a broad range of cultural and educational visits on offer, a trip to Paris is an ideal trip for Transition Year pupils, providing them with an opportunity to experience this vibrant French city.

Transition year trips to Loire Valley

This diverse region of France is an ideal destination for a Transition Year trip. Known as ‘the Garden of France’, the Loire Valley is home to many cultural and educational visits for groups.

Transition year trips to Opal Coast

The Opal Coast is an ideal destination for Transition Year groups seeking to enhance language skills through a range of educational and cultural visits.

Transition year trips to Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most historic cities and has evolved to become vibrant and cosmopolitan with educational and cultural visits.

Transition year trips to Munich

A study tour to Bavaria’s capital offers Transition Year groups a diverse range of exceptional cultural experiences, from royal palaces to modern architecture, film studios and numerous museums.

Transition year trips to Rhine

The region offers a wide range of visits that give an insight into German life and a safe and welcoming environment perfect for your Transition Year pupils.

Transition year trips to Black Forest

The Black Forest, situated on the east side of the French-German border is the perfect destination for a Transition Year school trip to explore and compare two countries.

Transition year trips to Bay of Naples

A trip to the Bay of Naples & the preserved towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum provide a unique insight into 1st century Roman life, while coastal towns show their strategic importance to both the provision and protection of Rome.

Transition year trips to Rome

Combining its classical heritage with the trappings of a modern city, Rome is a fascinating year-round Transition Year destination to visit.

Transition year trips to Lake Garda

A favourite destination for NST groups, Lake Garda is the perfect place to enjoy a Transition Year trip against a backdrop of dramatic mountains and sparkling waters, coupled with the typical laidback Italian culture.

Transition year trips to Florence

A Transition Year trip to Florence will leave your pupils feeling amazed by the vast array of impressive buildings, fascinating galleries and treasure-crammed churches.

Transition year trips to Rome & Bay of Naples

Transition Year pupils taking this two-centre package gain a valuable insight into life in both Rome and the outlying regions that supplied the city.

Transition year trips to Amsterdam & Dutch Coast

The ideal destination for your first a Transition Year trip abroad! The safe, vibrant, bustling and largely pedestrianised seaside resort of Noordwijk is the ideal destination for your pupils’ first visit abroad, this resort will truly open up your pupils’ eyes to a brand-new culture and way of life.

Transition year trips to Krakow

A Transition Year trip to Krakow will provide an in-depth study of the Jewish community in the city, one of the most important centres of Jewish life in pre-war Europe.

Transition year trips to Barcelona & Catalonia

A visit to this part of Spain offers a great opportunity to introduce your Transition Year pupils to Spanish life, culture and language.

Transition year trips to Madrid

Soak up the Spanish culture and explore the many museums, monuments and parks during an NST trip to this colourful city.

Transition year trips to London

An exciting London Transition Year trip offers students the opportunity to discover many exciting experiences in a short space of time.

Transition year trips to Dublin

Why not take your school group to the Irish Capital - Dublin? Enjoy the amazing visits that are educational, cultural and fun. 

Transition year trips to Galway & Clare

If you want your pupils to experience traditional Irish heritage, a trip to County Clare and Galway is the perfect option. 

Transition year trips to Wicklow

Known as the Garden of Ireland, County Wicklow is one of Ireland’s most beautiful areas with a great range of visits and experiences for your students. 

Transition year trips to New York

Take an even bigger bite of the Big Apple with NST. Absorb the bright lights and pizzazz of Broadway with its shows and musicals guaranteed to get your group’s toes tapping.

Transition year trips to Washington DC

Chosen as the US capital for its tactical location between the South and the North, Washington DC offers a whole host of experiences for Transition Year school groups.

Transition year trips to West Coast USA

Don’t hesitate to visit America’s West Coast. With its areas of great natural beauty coupled with some of the world’s most awe-inspiring cities, you’ll be far from disappointed