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Support at NST's Château d'Ebblinghem

Every group staying at NST's Château accommodation is assigned their very own Group Co-ordinator, or 'Groupie'. Groupies ensure the smooth-running of your tour, acting as all-round support for your group. During the course of your stay your Groupie will:

  • Meet you on your arrival, organise a welcome talk and centre orientation and organise your group into their accommodation.
  • Accompany you on excursions and assist you with supervision and provide practical and historical information regarding your destination.
  • Arrange suitable meal times for your group and help supervise the group in the dining area.
  • Liaise with the Group Leader and adult members of the group on a daily basis to ensure good communication throughout your stay.
  • Organise and supervise evening activities for your group.
  • Encourage your pupils to use their language skills at all times, for example, during mealtimes and evening activities.

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