Spanish Language School Trips & Tours

When pupils get the opportunity to visit Spain with NST, a whole new learning experience opens up for them. There’s really no better way to introduce your classroom-based learning than by surrounding your pupils with native speakers and immersing them in the culture and daily rhythms of Spanish life.

From cosmopolitian Barcelona, typified by the architecture of Gaudí, especially the iconic Sagrada Familia, his unfinished masterpiece, the passion from the Nou Camp and the bustle of the Ramblas, Barcelona is a modern, vibrant city that shouts its Catalan heritage from every corner and will fire the imaginations of your pupils. 

Traditional Madrid with its museums, architecture, plazas and monuments within the city showcase the many aspects of Spanish history and traditions. The city is ideal for those learning the Spanish Language, as all the signs are in Spanish, unlike Barcelona where they are in Catalan, and many local inhabitants do not speak fluent English, encouraging pupils to use their language skills. 

Southern Catalonia provides a host of small towns and villages for groups to explore and practise their language skills in relaxed environments. A great destination for school groups. The coastal location, secure family hotels and mixture of fun and educational visits are ideal for class-bonding and for practising language skills without being pressured or rushed.

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Southern Catalonia Spanish Language School Trips

A school trip to this picturesque region is ideal for groups seeking a budget-friendly base to explore the area.

Barcelona Spanish Language School Trips

Pupils will experience all things Catalonian. The rich history of the city, as well as the talents of its artists including Gaudí, Picasso and Dalí, is visible throughout the city’s many museums, landmarks and attractions.

Madrid Spanish Language School Trips

Madrid combines a modern infrastructure with an important cultural and artistic heritage, the legacy of centuries of fascinating history.

Andalucía Spanish Language School Trips

Groups will have the opportunity to sample traditional Spanish lifestyle and culture, whilst gaining an understanding of local people and their customs and putting their language skills into practice. 

Free language trip learning resources

Our free Go Explore educational resources provide a great way for your pupils to build their confidence to explore another culture, language and location. A great tool for pupils to record their experience outside the classroom, your Go Explore journal contains space to add information, pre-visit notes, a daily record of what they have seen and learnt, as well as space for relevant vocabulary. The journal is useful for assisting in controlled assessment preparation and is a valuable memento of time spent abroad.