Language school trips & tours

There is no better way to reinforce your classroom-based learning than by being surrounded by native speakers, exposed to their culture, and immersed in the daily rhythms of life.That’s why our language tours are guaranteed to embed learning when they return to the classroom too. When pupils visit the destination of their target language a whole new learning experience opens up for them.

Learn more about our language school trip destinations

French Language School Trips

A vast array of destinations to enhance French language learning including Paris, Opal Coast, Normandy, Loire Valley and many more. 

Spanish Language School Trips

Bring Spanish language learning to life, destinations include; Barcelona, Southern Catalonia, Madrid and Andalucia. 

German Language School Trips

From big city experiences to traditional towns, destinations include; Berlin, Rhine & Moselle, the Black Forest, Munich and many more.  

Italian Language School Trips

A range of experiences to help your pupils fully understand Italian culture and add real value to their classroom-based learning. Destinations include Rome and Florence. 

Free learning resources for your next language school trip 

Go Explore journals 

Our free Go Explore educational resources are a great tool for pupils to record their experience outside the classroom, your Go Explore journal contains space to add information, pre-visit notes, a daily record of what they have seen and learnt, as well as space for relevant vocabulary. The journal is useful for assisting in controlled assessment preparation and is a valuable memento of time spent abroad.

Town trails 

These worksheets cover common situations that pupils will find themselves in whilst on tour. The series of questions help to build on basic language skills. Our town trails provide a great half day activity too.