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Berlin Science School Trips & Tours

Although one of Europe’s most historic cities, Berlin has evolved to become the ‘Capital of Science’ with the densest network of science and research organisations in Germany. A school trip to Berlin provides an excellent destination for science groups with cutting edge visits such as Ottobock’s Science Centre and hands-on genetic experiments at the Berlin Life Science Learning Lab.

Sample itinerary

Our sample itinerary provides you with an idea of the visits you can cover during your trip. We can tailor-make an itinerary to support your specific learning outcomes.

Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Morning flight from Ireland Walking tour including the Brandenburg Gate area, the Neue Synagogue & the old Jewish District including the Deportation memorial Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz
2 Take part in hands on experiments at Berlin Life Science Learning Lab Visit to the Science Center TV Tower
3 Archenhold Observatory Themed guided tour at German Technology Museum Bowling evening
4 Cruise on the River Spree Return flight to Ireland
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  • 2
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Morning Morning flight from Ireland
Afternoon Walking tour including the Brandenburg Gate area, the Neue Synagogue & the old Jewish District including the Deportation memorial
Evening Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz
Morning Take part in hands on experiments at Berlin Life Science Learning Lab
Afternoon Visit to the Science Center
Evening TV Tower
Morning Archenhold Observatory
Afternoon Themed guided tour at German Technology Museum
Evening Bowling evening
Morning Cruise on the River Spree
Afternoon Return flight to Ireland

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Popular options in Berlin

Top visits

German Museum of Technology

Archenhold Observatory

The oldest and largest public observatory in Germany is home to the longest moveable refracting telescope on earth - 21 metres! The observatory museum contains the permanent exhibition “Astronomy is Observing and Measuring”, alongside temporary exhibitions highlighting different subjects tracing the history of astronomy. Other attractions include the historic Einstein room, the small Zeiss planetarium and a giant iron meteorite.

Berlin Life Science Learning Lab

In the Life Science Learning Lab “Gläsernes Labor”, students can carry out fascinating genetic and cell biological experiments, experience research in action and explore current applications in medicine and biotechnology.
Students can take part in simple genetic experiments in the labs - 4 hour sessions include isolating DNA from a tomato; simulating forensic DNA analysis or gene transfer with plasmids.


The Science Centre

Ideally located between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, the Ottobock Science Center houses the exhibition “Understanding what makes us move” over three floors. Created by Ottobock, the prosthesis manufacturer, this exhibition features multimedia and interactive installations that invite visitors to go on a voyage of discovery of the body and movement, showing technology in action.


TV Tower

Located at the very heart of the city on the Alexanderplatz, the Berlin TV tower is part of German history: in the sixties the East German government had the TV tower built to demonstrate the strength and efficiency of the socialist party system. Today the tower, Berlin’s highest structure, shapes the skyline of the German capital city and has fantastic views - and serves as a landmark of the reunited Germany. Your group can pinpoint the many landmarks and attend the free exhibition. Groups can also take part in an immersive 15 min VR experience and time travel through 9 centuries of Berlin's history.

Berlin River Cruise

Take a cruise along the River Spree on this tour and see all the major attractions of the city while learning about the intriguing history of Berlin.

Olympic Stadium

Built for the 1936 Olympics, this is an excellent example of Nazi architecture. This is where the black American athlete, Jesse Owens, won four gold medals, supposedly infuriating Hitler because of his race.

Berlin Markets

The large indoor market in the centre of the city is an ideal place to put language skills to the test and pick up a bargain or two.

Guided Tour of Berlin

Our City Representative, or one of her team, will take your group on a half-day tour of the key sights and provide a first-hand perspective of Berlin’s history and how life has changed for the city’s residents.

  • Berlin Wall: Students will see how East and West Berlin were divided for 28 years. Potsdamer Platz and the East Side Gallery are two of the remaining areas where it is still accessible to see a section of the wall.
  • The Reichstag: This impressive building, perhaps most recognisable due to its impressive glass dome, re-opened as the new seat of Federal Parliament in 1999. Here, students can learn about the building’s turbulent 114-year history.
  • The Brandenburg Gate: Berlin’s only remaining city gate and a symbol of unified Germany. The dramatic Quadriga that sits on top has a history as eventful as the city’s.


IMAX Cinema

Groups can visit the fabulous cinema at Potsdamer Platz. Bowling Am Schillerpark. This bowling alley is the most popular of four available in Berlin. 

Stadtbad Schöneberg

This large, action-packed swimming complex has a pool with diving boards. It also has an outdoor pool, slide and whirlpools.

Tropical Islands Water Park

This indoor tropical beach, which lies outside of the city, is home to water slides, lagoons and miniature golf, as well as the world’s largest indoor rainforest.

The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s only remaining city gate and a symbol of unified Germany. The Quadriga that sits on top has a history as eventful as the city’s.

Futurium Museum

The Futurium – Berlins centre for shaping the future – is located in the heart of the city. The unique building hosts an exhibition with vivid scenarios, an interactive hands-on laboratory, and an event forum as a place of dialogue all under one roof. The Futurium gives its visitors a glance into the world of tomorrow. 

Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History in Berlin offers you an exciting insight into the natural world. You can follow the development of life on our planet and discover how different forms of life evolve. Be astonished by prehistoric animals, birds and the legendary polar bear Knut. One highlight is encountering the world's largest dinosaur skeleton. Even more spectacular is Tristan Otto, a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Orbitall Space Centre – ISS Workshop

In both the spaceship and the space control centre, students will slip into various roles, including: space travel expert, meteorologist, engine specialist, commander and air traffic controller. During the mission, they'll be able to see how our planet is changing, observe the weather and learn more about satellites. In addition, some students will be given important research tasks, such as examining the electromagnetic spectrum of the sun, discovering the components of space probes that they discover, calculating the speed of light and experimenting with vacuums. 

Evening activites

  • Shopping on the Ku’damm
  • Bowling
  • A quiz or disco at your hotel (most hotels can provide a room for groups to use in the evenings)


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