Geography school trips

With a wide range of fascinating destinations to choose from, our programme of school geography trips will enable your pupils to discover the exciting world of geography outside the classroom.  

Each destination has been chosen with your school curriculum in mind. Therefore, whatever your learning objectives, we have a range of geography trips to suit your needs and your budget. So, where shall we go? 

Learn more about our geography trip destinations


Take your pupils on thrilling Icelandic geography visit and bear witness to rare phenomena, from dramatic volcanic lunar landscapes and spouting geysers, to diverging plates, glaciers, and outwash plains.

Swiss Alps

A geography school trip to this stunning region of Switzerland offers pupils a great opportunity for hands on data collection and fieldwork techniques. Our most popular Swiss Alp geography tours are designed to cover a host of study themes. Your pupils will be rewarded with ample learning opportunities in a range of spectacular locations.

French Alps

On a geography tour to the French Alps many NST school groups choose to study the impact of skiing on the fragile landscape, along with taking hands-on measurements of rivers, sediments and vegetation and learning about how alpine hazards are managed to create a thriving economy.

Bay of Naples

Where better to take your pupils on a geography and geology school trip than the place where the observations of the great geologist, Charles Lyell, gave the basis to the modern geology, the Bay of Naples.


A geography school trip to Sicily provides a great opportunity for groups wanting to study key themes, including volcanic activity and coastal processes and the resulting formations. This island offers superb geography visits including Mount Etna which provides an excellent case study to expand upon back in the classroom.

Northern Ireland

On a geography field trip to Northern Ireland’s North Coast, your pupils will get the chance to study coastal processes, volcanism, geology, glaciation, the impact of tourism and conservation in a fascinating area of outstanding natural beauty.

Barcelona & Catalonia

A geography school trip to the popular and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona provides pupils with numerous exciting study opportunities. Our most popular geography tours to the Catalonia region are designed to cover a host of study themes and complement the latest classroom learning.

West Coast USA

A geography school trip to West Coast USA offers unparalleled opportunities for pupils of all ages, with many geography and geology visits directly relating to classroom learning. Rich in biodiversity, the spectacular waterfalls and giant sequoias of Yosemite contrast dramatically with the harsh, arid environment of Death Valley. Meanwhile, West Coast cities (including LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco) offer countless opportunities to study key human geography themes.


On a geography field trip to China your pupils will see spectacular scenery and experience charming and inquisitive hospitality. The 2008 Olympic Games provide an excellent geography visit and give a fantastic insight into urban development and rebranding, whilst the controversial Three Gorges Dam makes for a fascinating field trip excursion.


Packed full of enthralling visits and attractions, a geography school trip to London provides a massive range of geography visits that will excite, inform and educate your group.


Paris is a city that everyone should experience, and a geography tour to the city offers the perfect opportunity to undertake studies into human geography.


Geography school trips to the Netherlands are excellent for the study of physical, human and environmental geography. With geography visits that include the region’s cities, waterways and its coast, key topics include sustainability, fluvial systems, hazards, industry, cultural diversity and environmental change.

Our most popular geography school trip destinations...

Explore the world with our Field Studies Guides

Equipped with first-hand knowledge of the culture, climate, history and subject knowledge of geography and geology, our expert guides will assist with programme delivery, tailoring your group’s experience to suit your specific learning needs.

Your guide will contact you ahead of your geography trip for a pre-tour discussion, assist with teaching, guiding, and practical investigation, whilst also providing advice, support and assistance with on-tour logistics.

Our Field Studies Guides are available in Iceland, the Swiss Alps, the French Alps, the Bay of Naples, Sicily and Northern Ireland.

Planning your first school trip?

If you're planning your first geography school trip, our essential guide will take you through each step of the process...

  • Choosing your destination
  • Gaining approval from your Local Authority and/or your Head
  • Promoting your tour in school
  • Confirming your booking
  • Tailor-make your tour
  • Completing your risk assessments (including a sample risk assessment)
  • Quick reference timeline
  • Pre-tour checklist

Additional support, resources & information

Tours planning service

Tour planning service

With NST, you’ll get your own dedicated, knowledgeable Tour Co-ordinator who’ll work with you from start to finish. You’ll benefit from their unrivalled destination knowledge, and their experience gained from working with many other groups too. They’ll tailor-make your itinerary from scratch and take care of everything for you: 

- Pulling together an itinerary that runs smoothly 
- Planning the right balance of visits every day with realistic timings 
- Pre-arranging and pre-booking your visits, entrance tickets, passes and meals 

You’ll receive your final itinerary a full 4-weeks before you travel too.

Free school trip promotion pack

Free school trip promotion pack

We’ll support you and provide everything you need to advertise your school trip around school and to parents. Our free school trip promotion pack consists of: 

- Parents’ letter & permission slip template for you to complete A3 posters to promote your trip around school 
- PowerPoint presentation templates which you can tailor to your own needs 
- Parents’ leaflets covering how NST manage safety, financial protection and details of our travel insurance 
- Online parents’ video which showcases the benefits of taking a school trip 

For selected destinations, we’ll provide a trip launch web page using video footage and imagery. This web page is provided by a weblink and can be shared with pupils and parents in many ways.

Risk assessment support including preview visits

Risk assessment support including preview visit

Risk assessment plays a vitally important part in the planning and organisation on any school tour.

Our risk assessment guide aims to help you understand more about your obligations and how you can more effectively manage group safety on your next educational visit and provide you with risk assessments for your trip. Plus, we can provide you with specific risk assessment templates for geography tours to Iceland, the West Coast USA, the Bay of Naples, the Swiss Alps and French Alps – helping to make planning your trip easier for you.

Planning first school trip

Planning first school trip

Organising your first school trip can appear to be a daunting process. 

If you're planning your first school trip, our guide will help to take you through each step of the planning process, answering frequently asked questions and providing tips and support along the way. 

Our helpful guide covers the following: 

- Choosing your destination 
- Gaining approval from your Local Authority and/or your Head 
- Promoting your tour in school 
- Confirming your booking 
- Tailor-make your tour 
- Completing your risk assessments (including a sample risk assessment) 
- Quick reference timeline 
- Pre-tour checklist 

View our essential guide to a successful school trip here.

Get live updates on your group's tour location

Get live updates on your group's tour location

NST's new trip tracker, Locate My Trip, is the easy, convenient way for your school to follow your group's location whilst on tour. 

Our app has been specifically designed to provide reassurance to both parents and teachers. 

Watch our short Locate My Trip video here.

Your online scool trip organiser - My Tour Manager

Your online school trip organiser - My Tour Manager

Save time and stay on track with your school trip admin with our online orgnaniser - designed to help busy teachers like you. 

With My Tour Manager, you'll be able to download FREE resources and access trip paperwork online and in one place. Your personalised checklist details what you need to do and by when, plus you'll receive fortnightly reminders too. 

What's more, you can take all your trip documents on the go whilst on your tour with our app, My Tour Manager-On-the-Go. 

Find out more and watch out short My Tour Manager video here.

Speak to one of our school travel experts

Our team of school travel experts have unrivalled destination knowledge and experience so they can help to bring your tour ideas to life and might even suggest options you hadn’t already thought of too! So get in touch today and we'll help to create a bespoke, budget-friendly tour itinerary to meet your specific learning requirements.

Why choose NST...

Here's why thousands of teachers choose NST each year...

  • Unrivalled knowledge

Your dedicated geography tour co-ordinator will use their unrivalled local knowledge and expertise to create a tailor-made, curriculum-linked itinerary to meet your group’s exact needs.

  • Making it easier for you

With our online school trip organiser, travel app, suggested kit lists for students travelling to the Bay of Naples, Iceland or Sicily, FREE classroom posters and geography trip launch resources to support in-school promotion.

  • Support from our Field Studies Guides

Equipped with first-hand knowledge of the culture, climate, history and subject knowledge of geography, NST’s team of specialist geography Field Studies Guides can assist with programme delivery to ensure your students have the best possible learning experience.

  • NST is a certified Iceland specialist

We're proud to be a certified Inspired by Iceland specialist, which means that we have been accredited as a tour operator with extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to planning a trip to Iceland.

  • Risk assessment guidance

Our risk assessment guidance will help you to manage group safety on your next educational trip. Plus, we can provide you with specific risk assessment templates for geography tours to Iceland, the West Coast USA, the Bay of Naples, the Swiss Alps and French Alps – helping to make planning your trip easier for you.

  • FREE group leader inspection visits

We offer a free inspection visit to your chosen destination to support your risk assessment planning. 

  • Value for money

We’re committed to bringing you the best possible value trips to help make every penny count.

  • Peace of mind

Your group’s location can be followed with our trip tracking device - Locate My Trip - plus you’ll have 24/7 support from us whilst you’re away.

  • More than 20 years’ experience

With over 20 years’ experience, with NST you can rest assured that your group is in safe hands.

What teachers are saying about us...

"I would like to thank NST for a fabulous geography school trip to the Bay of Naples. Our students stated that it was a life changing experience."

Stephen Till, Head of Geography


"This was the first time that we have organised a geography trip to Iceland. From the first minute, I have been delighted with the help and support from all of the staff at NST. They have all made my life so much easier and provided me with lots of information to help with our decision making. I cannot thank NST enough."

Matthew Smith, Assistant Head


"Our Field Studies Guide, Rob, was absolutely excellent in every way during our geography school trip! He was thoroughly knowledgeable about everything that Iceland had to offer."

Emma Hartley, Geography Teacher


"Our Field Studies Guide, Claire, was truly excellent. A phenomenal asset to NST. Excellent knowledge, fantastic with the children and very skilled at thinking on her feet to ensure a faultless visit (including adding extra stops and re-ordering some stops to avoid major tourist traffic). Cannot praise her highly enough and would definitely wish to have her again on our next geography trip."

Richard Ledingham, Head of Geography


"We have done a lot of geography school trips and had a number of guides, but Martin is up there with the best of them. Organised, good with the students, excellent subject knowledge and really engaged our students. He is a big part of the reason we would look to come back to NST again." 

Miranda Banwell, Geography Teacher


"The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed our geography school trip to the Bay of Naples. The itinerary was fun-packed and educational. The students crammed in a lot in a short space of time."

Matt McKinney, Head of Geography