School Trips to China

School trips to China offer an educational adventure that students will never forget. 

Our range of China school tours allow classes to get firsthand experience of the architecture, spectacular scenery and hospitality of this unique nation – from the Great Wall to quaint Buddhist temples to vibrant cities, and everything else in between.

If your focus lies in geography or economics, there are few more interesting countries in the world to learn about local demographics, urban development, business and industry. And where better place to brush up on your Mandarin? One of the fastest growing languages on the planet and tipped to be an essential business advantage in years to come.

Take a look at some of our excellent high school trips to China below, or feel free to get in touch with one of our China school tour experts for more information and free advice – we’re here to help!

Learn more about our school trips to China

History School Trips to China

Our history school trips to China delve into the country’s immense history and spectacular scenery – find out more…

Geography School Trips to China

China is a fascinating country for geographers and geography school trips, particularly when considering population control, urban development and the natural landscape.

China Business Studies School Trips

A rapidly evolving economic power, China has a wealth of valuable learning experiences geared towards students studying business.

China Cultural School Trips

China offers a unique cultural experience for pupils of all ages, particularly those with a focus on business, geography, history, sociology or language.