School trips to Washington DC

Washington D.C. is packed with monuments, museums and eclectic neighbourhoods – the perfect destination for students to get a taste for American history, politics and culture. 

There are also a number of world-renowned landmarks to enjoy, such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and, of course, the White House. This makes Washington D.C. a must for students interested in political history, and a favourite hotspot for budding artists and their sketchbooks.

The US capital has over 70 first-class museums, many of which offer free admission. The Smithsonian Institution is surely the most well-known, a collective museum and research complex that includes plenty of history museums, art galleries and even a zoo! Thousands of school groups flock to Washington DC each year to discover this treasure chest of knowledge for themselves.

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Washington DC Cultural School Trips & Tours

The US capital city is home to many excellent museums, educational visits and sites to give your pupils an invaluable insight into American history and how the country has evolved.