School trips to Brussels

A school trip to Brussels is an engaging learning experience for students of all ages, particularly those focussing on business or science for their studies.

Since the end of the Second World War, Brussels has maintained its position as the political capital of Europe, home to the headquarters of the European Union, NATO and countless multinational organisations. An educational tour of the city will undoubtedly enhance your group’s understanding of how businesses operate as part of a major economy. 

Science and technology is also highly developed in the Belgian capital. For budding scientists in particular, the city’s Museum of Natural Sciences brims with interesting attractions and exhibits. That’s not to mention the range of other dedicated scientific institutions dotted around the city, all of which can be factored into your bespoke itinerary.

For food lovers, sampling a taste of Brussels’ world-renowned chocolate, waffles and french fries is a must. That’s not to mention the infamous sprouts…

If you’re looking to plan your perfect school trip to Brussels, talk to one of our expert travel advisors today – we’re always happy to help.

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