School trips to Vienna

Whether your focus is music, psychology or history (or all three!), Vienna ignites a passion for learning that will stay with your students far beyond the duration of their trip.

One of the oldest major cities in Central Europe, Vienna has a storied and tragic history that covers so much ground – from its position at the heart of a thriving empire, to its role as part of the Nazi ‘Anschluss’ later in the 20th century. 

This makes the city a fascinating case study from a social and psychological perspective. Of course, it is also the birthplace of the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who developed his remarkably original theories at the University of Vienna. 

For keen musical students, few other cities have played such a tremendous part in the development of the Classical era. Vienna’s range of beautiful concert venues make it a perfect choice for music school tours of all abilities.

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Vienna Music School Trips & Tours

The City of Vienna has an historic musical tradition and always provides our music groups with an enthusiastic reception.