Psychology LIVE! Student Event at Disneyland® Paris

Show your students psychology in action at our Psychology LIVE! Conference on Monday 9th March 2020. This immersive event will allow your students to grasp the fundamentals of human behaviours in action whilst providing relevant examples and case studies for exams.  

Our expert speakers, who are specialist in their field, will present the most current issues with presentations linked to key topics in the curriculum. Throughout the course of the weekend your learners will cover the fundamentals of the Psychology curriculum, perfectly complementing classroom learning.

Meeting your learning objectives - Psychology LIVE! is designed to meet course aims by encouraging and developing an enthusiasm for studying psychology as well as inspiration for how to progress further in the subject. Learn more about our full range of LIVE! events here.


Sample itinerary

Our sample itinerary provides you with an idea of the visits you can cover during your trip. We can tailor-make an itinerary to support your specific learning outcomes.

Morning Afternoon Evening
1 Morning flight from Ireland Guided sightseeing tour of Paris. Check in to accommodation
2 Attend the Psychology LIVE! Conference Time in the Disneyland® Paris Parks Explore Disney Village. Overnight at Disneyland® Paris
3 Time in Disneyland® Paris Parks Return flight to Ireland
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Morning Morning flight from Ireland
Afternoon Guided sightseeing tour of Paris.
Evening Check in to accommodation
Morning Attend the Psychology LIVE! Conference
Afternoon Time in the Disneyland® Paris Parks
Evening Explore Disney Village. Overnight at Disneyland® Paris
Morning Time in Disneyland® Paris Parks
Afternoon Return flight to Ireland

Event overview

Expert speaker presentations - a chance to understand how psychology is applied in the real world; the contribution of psychology to individual, social and cultural diversity, and ultimately to a successful society, providing useful and interesting case studies and examples.

Q&A session - interactive question and answer sessions with industry practitioners where students will learn about careers associated with the subject.

Team park challenges - encourage students to take a step back and look at the resort from a scientific perspective. Students are given simple experiments to complete which allow them to develop arguments and draw conclusions about how psychological principles/theories are applied across the resort in order to stimulate specific behaviours and responses.

The Events Team in Disneyland® Paris will provide support throughout your stay, they’ll: 

  • Meet you on arrival & assist with hotel check-in 
  • Be on-hand & provide assistance throughout the event 
  • Host a teacher meet & greet with coffee & pastries
  • Register your students at the conference & take questions 
  • Assist with check-out & departure


Places to stay

Previous speakers include:

Michelle Fletcher, Clinical Psychologist

Michelle has twelve years of experience working in forensic and clinical settings including; Senior Manager of Psychology and Interventions at HMP & YOI Doncaster, Chartered Psychologist at Stockton Hall Hospital, a medium secure unit and Head of Psychology in a maximum security prison in the Scottish Prison Service. 

She has extensive experience conducting group and individual treatment interventions with offenders, focusing on the following treatment needs; management of aggression and anger, substance misuse, problem solving skills, assertiveness training, depression and low self-esteem, social skills training, post-traumatic stress, relapse prevention and anxiety management.

Aaron Balick, Psychotherapist

Aaron Balick, PhD, is a psychotherapist, cultural theorist, media consultant, and author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected-up instantaneous culture and the self. Taking his experience as a clinical psychotherapist out of the consulting room and into areas of media, culture and technology, Aaron offers a real insight into how contemporary culture is affecting both adults and children’s mental health.

Aaron has made it his mission to ensure that the amazing insights from psychology are shared as widely and responsibly as possible. For more than a decade he has been an active communicator who takes psychological findings from the clinic and the university and transforms them into useful concepts that can be applied to individuals, organisations and culture.

By breaking down the nature of basic human motivation and showing how technologies engage with them, systems can be creatively designed to better meet the needs of their users. By applying the theories from dynamic psychology to these technologies, Aaron enables organisations and individuals to develop systems that better map to natural human psychology to allow more natural and productive online environments. 

Aaron has been an ‘agony uncle’ for many years for both CBBC and BBC Radio 1. Aaron also authored the children’s self-help book Keep Your Cool: how to deal with life’s worries and stress which is widely used in schools as well as by parents around the world.

Aaron is director of Stillpoint spaces UK, the London arm of an international organisation devoted to sharing ideas from depth psychology as broadly as possible. Stillpoint Spaces International engages in investigating how technology can be used to build communities, and does this by encouraging both on and offline events across the world.

As a keynote speaker, Aaron delves into areas of psychology helping audiences to understand how it relates to content, social media, and everyday life.

John Clifford, Centre for Clinical Hypnosis

John Clifford is a Hypnotherapist and Owner of the Centre of Clinical Hypnosis. John specializes in phobias and is the Hypnotherapist for London Zoo's Friendly Spider Programme which has been running since 1993 and has helped thousands of people face and overcome their fears!

Evening activites

  • Explore the parks: Disneyland® Park & Walt Disney Studios® Park

  • Shopping in the Disney Village® 

  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

  • Disney Illuminations Night Time Show

  • Gaumont Cinema

  • Evening meal experience at Planet Hollywood or Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon

Study themes

Psychopathology & Individual Differences

  • Abnormality, including deviation from social norms, & the failure to function adequately
  • The behavioural, emotional & cognitive characteristics of phobias, fear & depression
  • The approaches used to explain & treat phobias, including hypnosis

Stress & Psychodynamics

  • Sources of stress: life changes & daily hassles. Workplace stress, including the effects of workload & control
  • How contemporary culture is affecting both adults & children’s mental health
  • Human psychology & technology


Forensics & Criminology

  • Causes of criminal & anti-social behaviour
  • Identification & treatment of offenders
  • Custodial sentencing & reform

Educational resources

In order to help you prepare for the Pyschology LIVE! Event, you will receive supplementary information about how each speaker will link to the curriculum as well as a list of desired outcomes. This can be used to follow up with your students when you return.

Expert's comment

I’m glad that the presentation was well received, and that students managed to learn something as well as gain a sense of what it’s like working as a forensic psychologist.

Michelle Fletcher, Clinical Psychologist



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